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Put me out of my misery,
gun me down and set me free,
cast aside this memory,
grant this cure to me
gun me down and set me free,
put me out of my misery..
Sometimes I wish I could draw
all that I dream and saw,
draw much more than words,
create tapestries of wonderful worlds;

Weave my hands and let the colors flow,
of places where I long to go,
of images that I always see
when a song catches and pulls at me,

of creatures both majestic or vile,
let my soul carry my ambitious style
and guide me to this paper pile;

where lies ideas and concepts, incompleted art,
lyrics and sonnets and poems in part,
memories and miseries and plans to make do
of all my ambitions and goals that stuck like glue

if only I could draw and create
while I procrastinate
in my times as I sit and lay with all my ideas
to release all my tensions and draw all my peers

where we dance in the meadows as our counterhearts sing
and dragons abundant dance in my dream
where mountains of gold and meadows of green
flow through my fingers with all that I see
and in my Voice it would quiver like a harp's strongest tune
on the wind it would carry till the third triplet moon,
where dolphins would play
in the Lullabye Bay
and serpents would swim
with their masses of kin,

if my hands could so pure draw
all that I saw
while I wrote all these words,
oh how I ache so it hurts
that one day my fingers could do more than just dance
as I realise it all when I take that chance.
Strorb by Amuris
While I was still a teenage vorephile madly in love with :MEWillow: and teasing her with my fetish I came up with this little oddity.

It's a ball, for dragons, the inside pocket is large enough to accommodate a single person, and the whistle allows air to siphon in and out like a regular oversized squeaking ball. The material is transparent and emits a faint white glow in the dark.
Cutting the binds
and casting the lines;
some things are hard to forget:

Glad you're alive,
to better to strive,
I am glad that we have met.
I'm happy to know
that you're safe, it shows.
Would I ever again see your face,
allow me to reminisce on lines and Trace,
our times together
When we said forever
and how much I meant to you,

Would I ever again let you Touch,
tell you how I love you so much.
Every precious Second Life endeavour
And Minecraft adventure,
all the things we used to do.

Would I ever again remember your voice;
waiting here for you to rejoice
in your wellbeing,
as I had before you went leaving
me confused and puzzled, without a clue..

Would I ever again,
dream of you without that stain
that cut the rift between our heart
and tore us slowly apart
and left me cold and bitter and blue.

Would I ever again see a line
written from you, how I pine..
for those moments we shared,
and I really cared,
but now it's gone, and over, and through..

Would I ever again read the words,
and dare to heal those hurts
that lay deep inside
your heart, I tried..
I will always love you.

Now I'd never again,
as I lay blooded and slain,
defeated by inaction,
this fatal subtraction
from this heart of mine,

A bit of me,
across the vast sea,
where you lay,
and hope I safe, I pray,
that the sun would always shine
that you are well and fine;

I may never again,
see your face, or your name,
or look forward to playing a game
knowing it'll never be the same
without you to help this dragon vain.

I would ever,
pray you the better,
and that life would be for you fair,
while I'm here and you're out there,
remember how you held me near,
travel safe on your journey,
may we one day meet again, surely,
Namaste, my dear..


David Tru`stone
South Africa
It's less about what and where you are...
It's a spiritual journey, everyday, let the winds teach you our songs, and I'm sure you'll find a path in there.


Second Life:
Trustone Clarity - You'll find me on the region Aggro, where I talk with the dragons, and am spoken to by them. The winds there bear no song, but the words vibrating are just as strong. ;p



Current Residence: I live between the realms of existance and non-existance... (Draconic term: Farscend)
Favourite genre of music: Classic
Operating System: Windows XP Proffesional
Wallpaper of choice: Mostly dragon, dolphin and phoenix.
Personal Quote: Your mind is like a barrier, it seperates the reality you are from the one reality you are not...
  • Listening to: Deltathe
I would never have dreamt I'd live to see the day that one of my works would inspire someone.

And here it is!

For those who had read End of Day by Amuris, it inspired a great poetic mind The-Anariarch to this!

I'm so ecstatic. :hyper: Take a read!

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